The CupCycling™ Programme - For Cafes & Communities

NZ's First Cup Reuse System

The CupCycling™ Programme

Conceived by Steph & Nick Fry, the proud Kiwis behind IdealCup™, The CupCycling™ Programme is the very first 'reusable cup swap system' conceived and rolled out in New Zealand; using our New Zealand-made, lifetime reusable IdealCups!


Started in July 2017 in Motueka, CupCycling™ has proven itself to be a simple and effective REUSE SYSTEM, which really does do what it says - reduces thousands and thousands of single-use cups from landfill!

Already in 9 regions throughout NZ and in Canada too, we've diverted thousands and thousands of nasty single use cups from landfill using our SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and COMMUNITY FOCUSED CupCycling™ Programme.

CupCycling™ is NOT a model designed for commercial gain.  We developed CupCycling™ as a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE; to sit alongside our IdealCup business - its focus is PEOPLE OVER PROFIT!

CupCycling™ is about engaging with PEOPLE and COMMUNITIES to have a real discussion about Culture Change; getting ALL OF US working together to make a COMMITMENT to move away from the the single use culture we have created.  We are driven  by a desire to make a cultural shift in kiwis mindsets, providing a reuse model which really does CHANGE HABITS; rather than just paying lip service to change.

Our CupCycling™ model isn't about promoting our IdealCup brand, nor is it about promoting individual cafe brands – it's about EVERYONE SUPPORTING a regional identity and working together, as a community, to make a significant dent in single use waste to landfill.

Cafe Owners - How it Works

With CupCycling™, multiple participating cafes in a community/region band together to reduce disposable cup waste to landfill, by promoting the CupCycling™ "reusable cup swap" system throughout their region.

The CupCycling™ model is flexible and can be used by just a single cafe wanting to have a "reusable cup swap system" for their own customers - ASK US HOW.

With THE CupCycling™ programme, the customer pay you a $5 'membership' (plus the cost of their coffee) to join the CupCycling™ programme and enjoy the ongoing use of a reusable CupCycling™ cup from your cafe, or any participating cafe in the region or around New Zealand.

Customers return their used cup to any participating CupCycling™ cafe each day and get a clean cup with their drink and only pay for the drink therein-after... and around and around the cups go!

And don't worry, if at any time a customer forgets to return with their used cup (perhaps they left it in a different car, or a bag) they simply pay $5 to 'borrow' another cup.  You'll give them a receipt for the 'borrow' cup and when they return their 'borrow' cup and present their receipt, you'll give them their $5 back... easy!

CupCycling™ works and we have the data to prove it*.  We have already diverted over 80,000 single use cups from landfill in our 9 current CupCycling™ regions - imagine how many we will divert as more and more regions will join the movement.

We are already seeing wonderful regionally branded CupCycling™ cups moving around New Zealand, from region to region as people travel - the power of reuse in action.

CupCycling™ is tried and tested and the results speak for themselves:

  • Over 20,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in 18 months in Motueka
  • Over 7,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in just 7 months in Titirangi
  • Over 20,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in just 11 months at Kanteen Cafe at NZ Post in Wellington (Corporate CupCycling Model)

*We collect data, which supports the success of our CupCycling™ programme; with our simple to use data collection system we've developed for cafes.

There is NO TIME better than NOW to get on board and help make YOUR TOWN Disposable Cup Free with CupCycling™ 

Get in touch to find out how YOUR TOWN or CORPORATE OFFICE can get involved and start diverting all that nasty single-use waste from landfill!

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Community Engagement

We're so very proud so many regions around New Zealand have reached out to us to make CupCycling™ a reality in their communities.

We constantly receive such positive feedback from our wonderful regions, telling us how they completely "get" what we're setting out to achieve, that the model is so community focused and has such a positive 'feel good' vibe.  We also get extremely positive support and buy-in from regional councils and stakeholders, thrilled to support a New Zealand made product and initiative, that they are proud to put their name on.

Our CupCycling™ cafes understand the intentions of our CupCycling™ Programme and have chosen our model to represent their sustainable goals and beliefs, whilst they continue to strengthen their values as a community within our beautiful Aotearoa.

We've proudly rolled-out CupCycling™ in the following regions:

  • Motueka
  • Dunedin City
  • Cromwell
  • Upper Hutt City
  • Hutt City
  • Petone
  • Richmond
  • Golden Bay
  • Nelson City
  • Kaikohe
  • Titirangi
  • Wellington
  • Carterton
  • Paihia
  • Havelock North
  • And even Prince George in British Columbia, Canada!

And we have many more regions we're actively engaged with, who are keen to have CupCycling™ in their communities in 2019:

  • Whakatane
  • Thames
  • Waipa/Cambridge
  • Hawkes Bay/Wairoa
  • Lyttelton
  • Southland
  • Tauranga
  • Hamilton

What does it cost?

FACT:  CupCycling™ WILL save your business money, can make your business money and WILL help save the planet!

Subsidy Towards Monthly Membership

One of the key attributes of our CupCycling™  model is that we here at IdealCup work hard behind the scenes, to engage with Local Councils, Boards and Community Groups to garner their buy-in, with a view to securing subsidy towards the upfront cost of the programme for all the wonderful cafes in the region.

To date, we have successfully secured subsidy funding in most of the regions we have rolled out with CupCycling™ and cafes have enjoyed a significant reduction off the upfront investment and in some cases, there has been FULL SUBSIDY of the upfront costs!

It's not a given we will get subsidy funding however, we have a persuasive argument - Councils want to see waste reduction to landfill and CupCycling™ is a simple, cost effective way they can support cafes and the community to make sustainable change and lead the change in their regions.

Small Weekly Membership Fee

Once you sign up for CupCycling™, there is a small membership fee of just $9.29 per week.

Similar programmes charge between $14 and $28 per week membership!

Our small fee provides you and your business with:

  • Membership in New Zealand's strongest and fastest growing, community driven family of Cup Reuse Movers and Shakers
  • Support and guidance when you need it
  • Ongoing Social Media Promotion and PR/Marketing for the CupCyclingTM Programme in general

  • Discounted price for further CupCyclingTM cups (cup only) of just $5 (RRP for a standard IdealCup without a lid is $8.50)

  • Our administration of the data you send and we collect in our online system, so we can report on and celebrate the amazing waste reduction you are achieving at your cafe and as a community.

There is NO TIME better than NOW to get on board and help make YOUR TOWN Disposable Cup Free with CupCycling™

  • Is your REGION on our list?
  • Would you like to see CupCycling™ in your town?
  • Do you want to Join the Original Reuse Revolution and help us to make our beautiful New Zealand clean and green once more?

Get in touch to find out how YOUR TOWN can get involved and start diverting all that nasty single-use waste from landfill!




Pay $5 once (plus your coffee) to JOIN THE MOVEMENT at any participating CupCycling™ Cafe and you'll receive your drink in a reusable CupCycling™ cup.  $5 and you can enjoy the ongoing use of the reusable CupCycling™ cups for as long as you want!  Simple!


Return your used CupCycling™ cup to ANY participating cafe and get your next coffee in a clean CupCycling™ cup.  The cafe takes care of the cleaning, so you never have to own a cup, wash a cup, or even remember a cup... NICE!


Reuse - Continue to enjoy the use of reusable CupCycling™ cups at any participating cafe in the network throughout New Zealand... And in most cafes you'll enjoy a discount on every coffee you purchase.  And around and around they go - That's CupCycling™!

Current CupCycling™ Cafē Locations

Our CupCycling™ Cafes have already diverted at least
single-use cups from landfill!!

Look for the CUPCYCLING™ logo in participating cafes

Ask your local cafē to get involved!