For You, the Cafe Owner

What CupCycling Cafe Owners are Saying

"Implementing CupCycling at Cake and Kitchen Cafe was a hugely positive move.  As we are in 2019, our customers are driving it themselves.  It's easy for our baristas to use and clean AND we are saving between $300-400 a month, from not purchasing single use cups!" Richard - Cake and Kitchen

Cafe Owners - How it Works

With CupCycling™, multiple participating cafes in a community/region band together to reduce disposable cup waste to landfill, by promoting the CupCycling™ "reusable cup swap" system throughout their region.

The CupCycling™ model is flexible and can be used by just a single cafe wanting to have a "reusable cup swap system" for their own customers - ASK US HOW.

With THE CupCycling™ programme, the customer pay you a $5 'membership' (plus the cost of their coffee) to join the CupCycling™ programme and enjoy the ongoing use of a reusable CupCycling™ cup from your cafe, or any participating cafe in the region or around New Zealand.

Customers return their used cup to any participating CupCycling™ cafe each day and get a clean cup with their drink and only pay for the drink therein-after... and around and around the cups go!

And don't worry, if at any time a customer forgets to return with their used cup (perhaps they left it in a different car, or a bag) they simply pay $5 to 'borrow' another cup. You'll give them a receipt for the 'borrow' cup and when they return their 'borrow' cup and present their receipt, you'll give them their $5 back... easy!

CupCycling - it works!

CupCycling™ works and we have the data to prove it.

We have developed an awesome data collection system, so we can showcase the amazing diversion of single use cups from landfill that all our Participating CupCycling Cafes are collectively doing.

It’s really important to be able to report ACCURATE, FACTUAL DATA. We could just estimate the numbers and say we think the cafes have done ‘x’ however, we’re all about transparency and ensuring we operate a system which has integrity and provide facts. We walk the walk.

Each week (via email or text) you will receive a prompt to submit your cups diverted from landfill stats from the previous week. We then add those to our ‘live’ running counter of collective cups diverted from landfill stats across NZ.

We also use this data collection to report to those regional stakeholders who might provide us with subsidy for the cafes membership costs associated with the CupCycling Programme.

If we get subsidy towards your Monthly Membership fee, then we are required to report the data. If we do not get subsidy, then reporting the data is your choice. We ENCOURAGE ALL OUR CAFES to submit data regardless of subsidy; so we can really celebrate the amazing sustainable change all cafes are making across Aotearoa!


The results are in!

CupCycling™ is tried and tested and the results speak for themselves:

  • Over 20,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in 18 months in Motueka
  • Over 7,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in just 7 months in Titirangi
  • Over 20,000 single use cups diverted from landfill in just 11 months at Kanteen Cafe at NZ Post in Wellington (Corporate CupCycling Model)

*We collect data, which supports the success of our CupCycling™ programme; with our simple to use data collection system we've developed for cafes.

Now is the time

There is NO TIME better than NOW to get on board and help make YOUR TOWN Disposable Cup Free with CupCycling™

Get in touch to find out how YOUR TOWN or CORPORATE OFFICE can get involved and start diverting all that nasty single-use waste from landfill!


We have already diverted over 82,262 single use cups from landfill in our 15 current CupCycling™ regions - imagine how many we will divert as more and more regions will join the movement.

We are already seeing wonderful regionally branded CupCycling™ cups moving around New Zealand, from region to region as people travel - the power of reuse in action.