For You, the Coffee Lover

how cupcycling works

Pay $5 once (plus your coffee) to JOIN THE MOVEMENT at any participating CupCycling™ Cafe and you'll receive your drink in a reusable CupCycling™ cup.  $5 and you can enjoy the ongoing use of the reusable CupCycling™ cups for as long as you want!  Simple!

Return your used CupCycling™ cup to ANY participating cafe and get your next coffee in a clean CupCycling™ cup.  The cafe takes care of the cleaning, so you never have to own a cup, wash a cup, or even remember a cup... NICE!

Reuse - Continue to enjoy the use of reusable CupCycling™ cups at any participating cafe in the network throughout New Zealand... And in most cafes you'll enjoy a discount on every coffee you purchase.  And around and around they go - That's CupCycling™!