Developed by the team at IdealCup™, the Corporate CupCycling™ RETURN REUSE Cup Swap System has been specifically designed for the Corporate office.

A business can purchase a nominal amount of RETURN REUSE cups for use at the internal cafe in the building or for staff to take from the building to their favourite cafe; in place of single-use cups.



What’s the problem?

Single-use takeaway coffee cups (and other single-use items) filling up rubbish bins in the corporate office is commonplace and a real problem!

The CupCycling™ Corporate RETURN REUSE system is an easy-to-implement, cost-effective Cup Swap System, which has been proven to dramatically reduce single use cup waste within the business waste stream.



The on-site cafe(s) in the building have a 'fleet' of co-branded CupCycling reusable cups on the coffee machine.

Staff order their takeaway coffee and it's automatically served in the RETURN REUSE reusable cup, with either no lid, or an organic, wood pulp, commercially and home compostable, worm farm friendly lid.

When staff have enjoyed their drink, they can either return the cup directly to the cafe or leave it in the staff kitchenettes where it will be cleaned and returned to the cafe for reuse.  TOO EASY!



NZ Post are but one of our partner businesses who have led the change and implemented reusables in their workplace; with a successful rollout of the Corporate CupCycling™ RETURN REUSE system in their corporate office in Wellington.

NZ Post signed up to Corporate CupCycling™ with Kanteen Café, on the ground floor of their building.

Kanteen Café was the first Wellington City Corporate CupCycling™ outlet and since implementing our system, has made extraordinary leaps with reducing single-use cup waste in their business.

In their first year of implementing our system, NZ Post and Kanteen diverted over 100,000 cups from landfill - simply by choosing Corporate CupCycling in place of single-use cups.



We are thrilled to be working with leading New Zealand businesses, who have chosen the CupCycling RETURN REUSE solution to mitigate unnecessary single-use waste ending up in their business waste stream and eventually in landfill.

These businesses have led the change - will you JOIN THEM?

  • BNZ
  • NZ Post
  • Westpac

Get in touch with us and make ‘choosing to reuse’ a sustainable part of your organisation’s daily life with our Corporate CupCycling RETURN REUSE Cup Swap System.