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Reducing Single Use Waste in the Corporate Office

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Developed by the team at IdealCup™, the CupCycling™ RETURN REUSE Cup Swap System has been specifically designed for the Corporate office.

A business can purchase a nominal amount of RETURN REUSE cups for use at the internal cafe in the building; for staff to use in lieu of single use cups.

We call this model a CLOSED LOOP model, i.e. cups are not being taken outside of the building and are circulated within the building by staff. 


What’s the problem?

Single use waste entering the business waste stream is hugely problematic in most corporate office environments.

Takeaway coffee cups filling up rubbish bins in the corporate office is commonplace.

The CupCycling™ RETURN REUSE system is an easy-to-implement, cost-effective Cup Swap System, which has been proven to dramatically reduce single use cup waste within the business waste stream.



To find out how CupCycling™ RETURN REUSE can save your business thousands of dollars each year whilst saving the planet!

How do you get involved?

We are thrilled to be working with New Zealand Post Wellington and Auckland, BNZ, Foodstuffs and many other large corporate businesses, who have chosen the CupCycling RETURN REUSE solution to mitigate single use waste ending up in landfill.

New Zealand Post Wellington has successfully diverted over 23,000 single use cups from landfill in ONE YEAR!

Get in touch with us and make ‘choosing to reuse’ a sustainable part of your organisation’s daily life with our RETURN REUSE Cup Swap System.

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How does it work?

It’s really simple. The onsite cafe or cafes in the office building has a 'bank' of co-branded CupCycling RETURN REUSE reusable IdealCups on the coffee machine.

The staff member/customer orders their takeaway coffee and it's served in the RETURN REUSE reusable cup with either no lid, or a single use lid*.

When the customer has enjoyed their drink, they can either return the cup directly to the cafe or leave it in the staff kitchenettes in the building, where it will be processed by custodial staff, cleaned and returned to the cafe for reuse.  TOO EASY!

*After conducting research, the resounding response from our focus group feedback was people DID NOT want to share a reusable lid.  We also know that the lid is the first component to be removed from the cup and misplaced/lost; so we chose to mitigate these concerns by using a single use lid for our RETURN REUSE system.  We strongly advocate and recommend the use of the organic, Wood Pulp Evielid - home compostable, worm farm friendly, made from sustainable, renewable resources CLICK HERE to read about the Wood Pulp Evielid.  Evielid Flier.pdf

Who’s taking action?

NZ Post are one of the businesses that is leading the charge with the successful rollout of CupCycling™ in their corporate office in Wellington.  NZ Post signed up to CupCycling™ with Kanteen Café, the ground floor cafe in NZ Post House in Wellington. The building houses up to 500 staff.

Kanteen Café was the first Wellington City CupCycling™ outlet and through our CupCycling™ scheme, it is making a truly positive difference and reducing single-use cup waste in our landfills. In just eight months of using CupCycling™, Kanteen and NZ Post diverted over 10,000 cups from landfill.