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Want to have CupCycling in YOUR Region?

Richmond Cups in Action
Dunedin Cups_with Eco Lids
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18 Regions across Aotearoa have JOINED THE REUSE MOVEMENT with CupCycling.            Will YOUR REGION BE NEXT?

  • Are you a concerned 'eco warrior' wanting to see sustainable change in your region or community? 
  • Are you a member of your local 'zero waste' group; ready to implement REUSE across your community's cafes?

We are regularly contacted by people just like you; reaching out to us, wanting to talk about our CupCycling Programme and how we can work together to bring it to their region or town.

If you're seeking information, have questions and just want to know more about how you could have CupCycling in your town, we're here to help!


CONTACT US and we can start a conversation.