Membership Subsidy

One of the key attributes of our CupCycling™ programme is that we work hard behind the scenes, engaging with Local Councils, Local Boards and Community Groups in an effort to garner their buy-in, with a view to securing subsidy towards the membership costs of the CupCycling programme, for all the wonderful cafes in the region.

To date, we have successfully secured subsidy funding in most of the regions we have rolled out with CupCycling™ and cafes have enjoyed a significant reduction off the upfront investment and in some cases, there has been FULL SUBSIDY of the upfront costs!

It's not a given we will get subsidy funding however, we have a persuasive argument as these groups are all eager to see a reduction of single use waste going to landfill and CupCycling™ is a simple, cost effective way they can support cafes and the community to make sustainable change and lead the change in their regions.