Safe & Hygienic

Personal reusable cups are an excellent solution however, it’s highly regarded that a strictly controlled, sanitised cup swap system is even better.

Our CupCycling Cup Swap system is a SAFE & HYGIENIC reusable cup solution.  Participating CupCycling cafes MUST conform to Regulation 70 of the Food Regulations 2015 and must have council approved cleaning facilities operating.  We can confidently say, our CupCycling cup swap cups are being carefully cleaned and managed to avoid any hygiene concerns.

Cups in Starline

In Aotearoa New Zealand we have robust standards around sanitisation in cafes.

If your cafe can serve safely in crockery, then you can serve in reusable CupCycling cups. Even with Covid now part of our everyday lives; cup swap has now been approved by the New Zealand Government for safe use during Covid Alert Levels 3 and under.