Keep New Zealand Beautiful

Keep New Zealand Beautiful ...

A simple yet powerful statement


As an extension of our VISION to create a Nationwide Cup Swap system for ALL New Zealanders to embrace, we also want to ensure ALL cafes have access to our CupCycling programme.


We are frequently being contacted by cafes owners in regions across New Zealand which are not formerly rolled out CupCycling; or regions themselves which may not have their own Zero Waste brand to showcase their community; so we got to thinking about how we could best provide a solution in these situations.


Lightbulb moment...  A partnership with the amazing Keep New Zealand Beautiful organisation, showcasing their long standing, iconic kiwi brand!


Keep New Zealand Beautiful is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to keeping our communities clean, safe and beautiful.   Their campaigns ‘Be A Tidy Kiwi’ and ‘Do the Right Thing’ have been part of New Zealand culture for over 50 years.   Their iconic logo is as recognisably Kiwi as L&P and jandals.   For more information visit


Keep New Zealand Beautiful and CupCycling have partnered and launched the Keep New Zealand Beautiful + CupCycling Cup, which is now being integrated into our nationwide CupCycling network.


Any cafe or region who wishes to implement CupCycling and happens to be in a region which is not yet part of our National CupCycling Network or requires a generic Zero Waste brand; can now enjoy the use of the wonderful KNZB + CupCycling Cups.


We already have a number of wonderful, independent cafes on board with the KNZB CupCycling cups and we're gearing up to rollout more regions in Aotearoa using our new partnership brand.  This is a fantastic way for us to support EVERY cafe and region who wishes to make sustainable change in their businesses and support #reuseNOToneuse


Stay tuned for news on further our partnerships and collaborations we're working on across New Zealand; which will showcase the amazing Keep New Zealand Beautiful + CupCycling movement.