What is CupCycling?

New Zealand's Original Cup Swap System

The CupCycling™ Programme

Conceived by Steph & Nick Fry, the proud Kiwis behind IdealCup™, The CupCycling™ Programme is the very first 'reusable cup swap system' conceived and rolled out in New Zealand; using our New Zealand-made, lifetime reusable IdealCups!

Our CupCycling™ model isn't about promoting our IdealCup brand, nor is it about promoting individual cafe brands – it's about EVERYONE SUPPORTING a common identity and working together, as a community, to make a significant dent in single use waste to landfill.



Started in July 2017 in Motueka, CupCycling™ has proven itself to be a simple and effective REUSE SYSTEM, which really does do what it says - reduces thousands and thousands of single-use cups from landfill!

Already in 18 regions throughout NZ  (with hundreds of active cafes participating in the programme) and in parts of Canada too, we've diverted hundreds of thousands of nasty single use cups from landfill using our SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and COMMUNITY FOCUSED CupCycling™ Programme.

CupCycling™ is about engaging with PEOPLE and COMMUNITIES to have a real discussion about a culture shift to circular economy ‘share’ models. It’s about getting ALL OF US working together to make a COMMITMENT to move away from the nasty single use addiction we have created.

We are driven by a desire to see a shift in kiwis mindsets, and we do that by providing a simple REUSE model which really does CHANGE HABITS; rather than just paying lip service to change.


CupCycling™ is NOT a model designed for commercial gain. We developed CupCycling™ as a SOCIAL ENTERPRISE; to sit alongside our IdealCup business - its focus is PEOPLE OVER PROFIT!